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How are the Mortice Sets / Door Knobs assembled?

  1. Pass the angled spindle through the latch and use this to position the roses on each side of the door, with the spindle being centred.
  2. For secure fitting – spindle thickness is designed for the new universal standard 8mm square tubular mortice latch. If you have existing tubular latches you may need to reduce spindle centre by filing to fit.
  3. Attach the roses to the door using the 4 screws provided. THERE IS NO NEED TO OVERTIGHTEN SCREWS.
  4. Attach a Mortice Door Knob by tightening up the fixing screw to the tapered edge of the spindle.
  5. Pass the spindle through the latch and secure the second door knob to the spindle on the other side of the door.If latch does not return freely then one Mortice Door Knob should be slightly released.

How should I take care of my porcelain door furniture?

Occasionally wash them with warm soapy water and dry with a cloth. You should never use abrasive cleaning materials as these will damage the surface.

How do I know which door knobs i will need for my doors?

The Ceramic Store offers 2 types of fittings. A mortice knob set or a mortice single knob. A mortice knob set comes with a special patented angle on both ends of the spindle and is used on doors where there is a latch present to operate the turning of the handle to open the door. They are sold as a pair to suit one door. A mortice single knob comes with a tailor’s dummy spindle which is also angled on the end and is used where no latch is present for pull and push doors. See photos below.

The patented angles on the spindles are what makes our fitting secure and extremely easy to assemble to the door. Carpenters have highly recommended the ceramic stores fitting to be the best in the UK. This spindle also allows for adjustment so the mortice knobs can be tightened to any part of the angled edge for door thicknesses down to 34mm (minimum).

Mortice Set Spindle

Tailors Dummy Spindle

How are the Finger Plates assembled?

Please note when fitting finger plates / on uneven surfaces take care as you only need to hand tighten one screw at a time with a standard screwdriver and adjust accordingly.

How do I order my own unique digitally designed product?

Ordering your very own digitally designed product is very simple. Email your photograph or design in any of the following formats (.jpg .psd or .eps) or send by post. We will then proof your design and send back to you by email for approval. Product will then be made upon receipt of approval and payment. We aim to deliver all specials within 7-10 days. Please note all porcelain door furniture is kiln fired to a very high temperature to ensure a hardwearing permanent finish.


How are the cupboard and wardrobe knobs assembled?

The Ceramic Stores cupboard and wardrobe knobs are assembled by a screw bolt fixing from the back. The hexagon shape hole in the base of our knobs, when used with our inserts with teeth, even by hand the insert will not turn. When araldited, the insert will not pull out.

What should I do if an item arrives damaged?

Please check for damages before signing and then sign accordingly. If there are breakages and you signed “received in good condition” you lose your insurance cover and will have to pay the delivery charge for replacements. It is very unlikely you will receive any damages as we pack our products very well. Goods are only insured, consequential losses / claims are not accepted. In all cases sign “Unchecked” if you do not have time to check immediately upon delivery.